Winemaking Team

Jigar Patel (Vintner)
Born in Toronto and raised in Chicago, it was college stints in fine dining that initially brought Jigar into the world of fine wine. After college, fascinated by wines and winemaking, Jigar spent several harvests helping friends in the Sonoma County wine industry. He was enthralled by their passion for making wines but he also became enamored with the farmers who worked tirelessly to insure quality fruit. He could see that great wine required quality winemaking, but more importantly required great fruit. It became clear that if he was going to make wine, then it would be only with growers that had the same passion for their fruit.  Whether working in the cellar or walking the vineyards with growers, Jigar's commitment to crafting fine wine is evident in his hands-on approach.

Josh Bartels (Winemaker)
Josh received a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He spent the last 10+ years as an assistant winemaker, where he was part of a winemaking team responsible for over 30 wines that scored 90 points or higher.  When not making wine, Bartels is a husband and father to his young family and enjoys an active lifestyle filled with snowboarding, hiking, and camping at many of the best recreational sites in California. Josh loves music, sports and is also a passionate home cook. He draws inspiration from pairing wine and food during quality time with friends and family.  Josh is ready to put his ten years’ experience to the test finding the perfect balance of artistic creativity, science, and business into making wine.